Amino acids sources

What are the types of amino acids

Amino acid is the basic unit of protein. It is an organic acid containing amino group. It is composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other elements. The protein in the feed cannot be directly used by animals, but is decomposed into peptone and peptides by the combined action of digestive enzymes such as pepsin and trypsin, and cannot be used by the organism until the simplest amino acid. Therefore, protein nutrition is actually amino acid nutrition.

Different sources of phosphates

What is the difference between monocalcium phosphate and dicalcium phosphate?
Modern, 21st century feed production has countless options for adding nutrients; polypeptides with phytase activity, inorganic copper chelates, or polynucleotide sequences, to name a few. But the feed producer’s weaponry still holds a place for older, low-tech nutrition: phosphate feed additives. Today, dicalcium and monocalcium phosphate are still popular choices for feed supplementation, just as they were when they were first developed over sixty years ago.

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