Company mission

Agravial is a company that offers agricultural solutions with core meaning “more with less”.

“More with less” is our way for sustainable future of earth.

More qualitative goods, solutions and services with using new technologies and science breakthroughs which leads to using less materials for production causing sustainable and responsible usage resources of our planet.

Through the use of advanced technological developments, today we already need far less resources to produce the same amount of meat, milk, eggs, fish and shrimp than fifty years ago. Yet despite these efficiency gains, there's still room for improvement as the productivity of livestock and fish is still below its potential.

By improving feed efficiency we need less feed to produce same amount of livestock or fish protein. These advances result in a significant reduction of energy use, carbon footprint and land occupation per kilogram of milk, pig, broiler meat and fish.


Company philosophy and vision

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Main values of company are innovation, open mind and trust.


Our Vision is to be a global leader in providing innovative and sustainable solutions that increase efficiency of production in agricultural sector.


We need effective solutions to
produce more agricultural products using less resources

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